Welcome to Claudio Vitanza Web Site

Welcome to Claudio Vitanza  Web Site - Machinery for pasta Production

In this Web Site you will find information about our Company and what we do.
More importantly you will find what we can do for you!
You will get to know us better and how to get in contact with me at any time to resolve your problems, get further information and increase your productivity.
The solution we offer for production difficulties are simple, innovative and economic: our solutions are designed by technicians who are also a maker of pasta.
To elaborate on the above our Company has years of experience ranging over big and small plants; we discovered and rectified common faults in production and packaging.  I can therefore recommend appropriate machines, quality tested, easy to use and requiring little maintenance.
Overall, our Company will help you in your production and simplify the work of your associates.



We are client centred.  The client chooses the production time schedule and we respond with a personalised individually designed plan.

The faults of the old machines are replaced with new machines designed according to new criteria.

The machines can produce from 10 to 1000 kg of pasta every hour.  The extruders have a cooling system and automatic temperature control.

A special feature is the size cut of the pasta: an automatic knife can be regulated to give the length of the pasta desired.


PRODUCTION KG 10 / 200 - Machinery for pasta Production

 - Machinery for pasta Production


PRODUCTION 300 / 600 KG H - Machinery for pasta Production
Machinery for pasta Production